psyburr a posted Dec 17, 17

TownyZone now has a discord!  Join us @

TownyZone is working on launching this holiday weekend!  Here are some of the key features of TownyZone!

- Server is based around the Towny plugin and it is our core!

- There are no donation perks or unfair advantages on our server!

- This is a PvE environment, where you can focus on the game without being harassed

We look forward to building a towny community with everyone!

Under Construction

psyburr a posted Jun 26, 17

Website is under construction.. please bare with us until we get the dust settled!  We have some artwork being!!

GeoffreyBanana I think that's a great idea! Creating a discord for the server will definitely help bring people together on the se...
ataumicbomb No prob Wreck, do you happen to know if there is there going to be a new Discord or Teamspeak made by chance for this ne...
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